Seen, including syringomyelia and hip dislocation. The cause of myelomeningocele is unknown. However, low levels of folic acid in a woman's body before and during early pregnancy is thought to play a part in this type of birth defect. is viagra over the counter in usa The vitamin folic acid (or folate) is important for brain and spinal cord development. viagra for sale in usa Also, if a child is born with myelomeningocele, future children in that family have a higher risk than the general population. However, in many cases, there is no family connection. viagra generic Some theorize that a virus make play a role, since there is a higher rate of this condition in children born in the early winter months. cheap generic viagra Research also indicates possible environmental factors such as radiation. Symptoms a newborn may have a sac sticking out of the mid to lower back. The doctor cannot see through the sac when shining a light behind it. viagra without prescription Symptoms include: loss of bladder or bowel control partial or complete lack of sensation partial or complete paralysis of the legs weakness of the hips, legs, or feet of a newborn other symptoms may include: abnormal feet or legs, such as clubfoot build up of fluid inside the skull (hydrocephalus) hair at the back part of the pelvis called the sacral area dimpling of the sacral area signs and tests prenatal screening can help diagnose this condition. During the second trimester, pregnant women can have a blood test called the quadruple screen. lilly viagra pills This test screens for myelomeningocele, down syndrome, and other congenital diseases in the baby. Most women carrying a baby with spina bifida will have a higher-than-normal levels of a protein called maternal alpha fetoprotein (afp). generic viagra 50mg uk If the quadruple screen test is positive, further testing is needed to confirm the diagnosis. Such tests may include: pregnancy ultrasound amniocentesis myelomeningocele can be seen after the child is born. A neurologic examination may show that the child has loss of nerve-related functions below the defect. For example, watching how the infant responds to pinpricks at various locations may reveal where he or she can feel the sensations. generic viagra Tests done on the baby after birth may include x-rays, ultrasound, ct, or mri of the spinal area. Treatment genetic counseling may be recommended. In some cases where severe defect is detected early in the pregnancy, a therapeutic abortion may be considered. viagra soft testimonials After birth, surgery to repair the defect is usually recommended at an early age. lilly viagra pills Before surgery, the infant must be handled carefully to reduce damage to the exposed spinal cord. This may include special care and positioning, protective devices, and changes in the methods of handling, feeding, and bathing. Children who. buy generic viagra